Nothing At All

Not much has happened today.

Also, I can’t remember the topic that I planned out fully in my head as I was going to sleep last night.

But in the interest of writing every day (and WordPress has a goal-setting tool that tells you that there’re only 2 more posts until the next goal that is just infuriating), I thought I would just write something just to keep the habit going, as inane as this post may be.

I’ve worked on that DVD I’m editing (for a belly dance competition, not the group I dance with, but someone affiliated). I’ve watched a Star Trek movie. I’ve watched Doctor Who, the most recent Christmas Special which I hadn’t seen yet, so I’m extremely excited about that. Seriously, it’s actually kinda disturbing how obsessed I am with that show. Oh well.

Other than that, I’ve really done not much today. We had a big storm. Xavier’s gone to sleep over at his friend Colby’s house. And now my Mom is watching Ancient Aliens, which I love, so I’ll be joining her.

(And this is an example of how to write nearly 200 words and really say nothing at all).