The Obligatory New Years Resolution Post

Everyone makes them, not everyone keeps them. I like to make New Years resolutions because it gives me goals, things to strive for, stuff to keep in mind. They’re useful and even if I don’t stick to them, I’m glad I make them.

1. Lose Weight And Get Fit (I’m sure this is on most people’s lists!)

2. Stop Being Afraid. I spend so much time worrying about the repercussions of my actions that I often fail to act at all.

3. Spend time doing stuff I WANT to do.

4. Meditate at least 15 minutes per day.

5. Save money and go to Bali next summer!

6. Finish writing one of my books.

7. Paint more, draw more.

8. Kiss a girl.

9. Make my new home beautiful.

10. Love more, laugh more, and enjoy life.


Those who read this: What are your resolutions for this year?