Why Witchy?

I am Pagan. I am a Witch. I practice Witchcraft and work spells under the full moon and at the Solstices and Equinoxes and other times of power and Magick.

Yeah, I get that look a lot.

Say “Witch” and people picture one of the following:

The Wicked Witch of the West: Evil, conniving (though, really, all she really wanted was her dead sister’s shoes which were, technically, rightfully her’s and should not have become the property of her sister’s murderer), and an animal hater. Green skinned, dry-clean only.

The Cast of Harry Potter: Running around with wands and broomsticks muttering quasi-latin spells under their breath and saving the world. Which is cool anyway.

A Halloween Hag: warty, eats kids for breakfast, has high-pitched cackle.

I am none of these things.

Pictured: Pentacle. Not pictured: warts

I have been a Pagan for ten years. I was first introduced to Wicca when I was 15, and in early 2002 I decided that it was the path for me. I didn’t understand it well, but I liked what I was hearing. I then spent several more years reading about it and studying it, finally completing a course in it in 2008 and undergoing a dedication ritual where I pledged myself to the God and Goddess. I have since become a full Initiated member of my coven.

Being Pagan is not only about Magick and spells. For me, it’s about the total atunement with nature that I gain and further appreciate with each passing day. I feel the changing of the seasons in my blood, breathe in the power of the full moon and have a stronger connection to the Divine than I ever had before.

Many people don’t understand that. They can’t understand why I don’t believe in Jesus or the concept of God as the Bible understands it…

I have no answer, except that my feet are taking me down a different Path. And I am happy. And I don’t wish to be “saved” or converted. If I can respect that others believe what they believe, then I hope that others can understand that I believe what I believe.

I am religious. I pray. I see my God and Goddess in everything that surrounds me. I feel Their hands guiding me.

Religion is personal. Everyone is entitled to believe what they believe. Everyone is entitled to a deep bond with their concept of the Creator and the Universe.

It is a beautiful thing, in all its forms.